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Yuefeng new energy vehicle business 2023 half-year work summary meeting was held

July 18, 2023
On July 15, the half-year work summary meeting of Yuefeng new energy vehicle business in 2023 was held at Yuefeng Group headquarters. The theme of the meeting was "consolidating the foundation and selling is the sure win of Wang Qi Bureau". The meeting systematically reviewed the operating results of the group's new energy vehicle business segment in the first half of the year, summarized experience, identified deficiencies, combined with the group's strategic planning and market competition environment, and clarified the business objectives and work direction in the second half of the year.
During the meeting, the leaders of the group company focused on listening to the strategic planning report of the new energy vehicle business. Yuefeng New energy Vehicle Management Headquarters Central Research Institute and Comprehensive Management Center, BAIC Manufacturing Research Institute, Qingdao, Linyi, Dezhou, Huanghua production bases, 212 off-road vehicle team, leading road vehicle team, import and export company and lightweight products center, respectively, made a detailed report on their respective fields of work and planning in the second half of the year. The president of Yuefeng New energy Vehicle Management Headquarters has made work deployment from three aspects: clear strategy, strong execution and result-oriented.
After carefully listening to the reports and exchanges of various units, the chairman of the group company made an important speech. It is necessary to uphold long-term doctrine, fully understand and grasp the strategic significance and development opportunities of the development of the new energy automobile industry, establish firm confidence and belief in victory, promote the construction of a modern industrial system with high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and create more wealth for the society. It is necessary to strengthen the bottom line thinking, enhance the ability to prevent and control risks, ensure the steady progress of the target planning at all stages of the new energy vehicle business sector, and strive to achieve a breakthrough against the trend. Scientific analysis of the market competition pattern and the comparative advantages of Yuefeng new energy vehicle business sector, requiring the management headquarters and all units to focus on the core advantages of the group's whole industry chain support, overseas strategic layout, new material research and development, to exchange time for space, increase domestic and foreign market development efforts, innovate business models, do a good job in industrial platform construction, and strive to create a new industry chain ecology. Maintain coordinated and efficient development, and constantly strengthen production management, market development and brand building. The key to entrepreneurship is people, all units should continue to strengthen the construction of talent team, constantly enrich the production management, scientific research and innovation, market development and other talent team, select good people with good people to manage people, good at stimulating team vitality, cohesion team strength. Each core team should continue to deeply study and understand the development process, industrial advantages and core culture of Yuefeng Group, further boost the spirit of executive entrepreneurship, and achieve a deeper level of mutual integration with the group.
Yuefeng New energy vehicle management headquarters president for work deployment, 14, Yuefeng new energy vehicle business sector participants were to the enterprise pavilion, Yuefeng green intelligent factory, Yuefeng lightweight base, 600KA electrolytic series production line and new materials company to visit, a comprehensive understanding of the development of my group's two major industrial sectors.
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