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Yuefeng Technology was awarded "the most collaborative, specialized and special new Enterprise" in Wuxi City.

April 24, 2023
Recently, under the guidance of China Mechanical Engineering Society, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China Renewable Energy Society, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Wuxi Small and medium-sized Enterprise Service Center, Wuxi Daily Top News sponsored by the "Wuxi specialized, specialized, new and new power enterprises" selection activity came to an end, the company's subsidiary Yuefeng Technology was selected as "the most collaborative specialized, specialized and new enterprises".
Yuefeng Technology is committed to the research and development, production and sales of high-precision aluminum, and focuses on the recycling aluminum products and the comprehensive utilization technology of secondary aluminum ash in the aluminum processing industry chain. Yuefeng Technology plays an important role in the key products of the aluminum processing industry chain and the "filling the blank". In the aspect of recycled aluminum products, the company has introduced advanced equipment and technology from Spain, Italy, Germany and other domestic and foreign countries. After years of key research and experiments, the company has achieved breakthroughs in key technologies. The company's recycled aluminum products have excellent performance and are favored by domestic and foreign markets. In terms of comprehensive utilization technology of secondary aluminum ash, the company independently developed and designed a treatment system, which carries out reaction treatment of secondary aluminum ash and evaporation crystallization treatment of salt solution, achieving the reactivity removal rate of secondary aluminum ash above 98%, gas utilization rate above 98%, industrial salt recovery rate above 98%, and recycling of all by-products to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization of resources.
In the future, the company will give full play to the leading and demonstration role of specialized and special new enterprises. Based on specialization, driven by refinement and guided by diversification, the company will continue to deeply cultivate the recycled aluminum product line, adhere to the craftsman spirit of "concentration, concentration and professionalism" to provide our customers with better quality products and solutions, and form new competitive advantages and sustainable development ability. Achieve high quality development of the company!
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